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葡萄京官方网站是一所授权的国际文凭世界学校. We are currently offering the Diploma Programme to juniors and seniors. 澳门新葡新京首页的授权是一项相当大的成就,涉及到学校的所有利益相关者. It is an honor to join the ranks of more than 1,500 schools in the United States and almost 3,700 worldwide that are IB World Schools. For more detailed information about the IB DP please visit

What is the IB Diploma Programme (DP)?

IB DP是一个平衡的、具有学术挑战性的教育项目,为初中和高中学生设计了严格的评估. The DP prepares students for success in higher education and beyond. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and ethical well-being of students. 该项目获得了世界一流大学的认可和尊重. 文凭课程为学生准备有效参与快速发展和日益全球化的社会,因为他们:

  • 通过学习六个学科组的课程,获得广度和深度的知识和理解.
  • 培养他们接受高等教育的技能和积极的学习态度.
  • 学习至少两种语言,增加对文化的了解,包括他们自己的文化.
  • 通过该课程独特的知识理论课程,建立跨传统学科的联系,探索知识的本质.
  • 在扩展论文中通过一个或多个学科的视角对感兴趣的领域进行深入研究.
  • 透过创意、行动及服务,提升他们的个人及人际发展.

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How can I get involved in the IB DP?

    在每年1月和2月的课程重新注册期间举行信息发布会.  9年级和10年级的学生也可以选择在学校日历上标注的“IB课程参观日”参观IB课程.  想要注册为课程候选人或追求完整文凭的学生必须在9年级填写“早期行动申请”或在10年级填写“常规决定申请”. 
  • Q: What are the requirements?

    If a student wishes to pursue the Full Diploma, he/she must take 6 IB courses over the course of junior and senior year; additionally, the three core components must be completed. Course Candidate students may elect to take one or more IB-level courses and choose to complete any or all of the core requirements; they will be issued a certificate upon successful completion of their coursework. To receive the full benefits of the IB experience, students are strongly encouraged to pursue the Full Diploma.
  • Q: What courses do you offer?

    所有IB课程都充满了批判性思维和独立的国际项目. 葡萄京官方网站目前的IB课程如下:

    1. English Literature (HL)
    2. Spanish B (SL)
    3. French B (SL)
    4. Latin (SL)
    5. History (HL)
    6. Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)
    7. Mathematics: applications and interpretations (HL)
    8. World Religions (SL)
    9. Theory of Knowledge

    For more information, please see the Course Catalog.
  • Q: Is there a GPA requirement to take an IB course?

    葡萄京官方网站支持广泛的学生参与IB DP. 澳门新葡新京首页会单独考察每个学生申请者,以确定IB是否最适合. There is no GPA requirement, 然而,重要的是学生在大二的课程上取得成功, 在荣誉水平课程中保持平均成绩“B”,在大学预科课程中保持平均成绩“a”.
  • Q: Are IB courses better than AP?

    《澳门新葡新京首页》上发表了一篇很棒的文章,简要概述了两者的区别: USA News and World Report Article.

    Both programs are highly regarded by selective colleges. However, AP或IB课程的真正价值取决于您孩子的学习风格, motivation, and preparation for the challenges offered by AP and IB. Bottom line- let your child decide! Each student is different! 澳门新葡新京首页的学生很幸运,有两个伟大的项目将他们推向更高的学习水平!

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